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How to do a Easy Patent Search

A very easy patent search is actually done by examining various other existing patents that might correspond to your own. By accomplishing this, you can easily identify if your product/invention has presently been actually asserted.

A very easy patent search is actually done by examining various other existing patents that might correspond to your own. By accomplishing this, you can easily identify if your product/invention has presently been actually asserted. The patent, which is a lawful title, enables the proprietor of the patent to get the rights to that item, protecting against others from imitating it commercial.

As aspect of the Department of Commerce, licenses are actually permitted, handled, and administered by the United States Patent and also Trademark Office (USPTO).

Administering a patent search has several perks, that include a few of the following:

  • A patent search allows you to check out many patents, which provides you the opportunity to see other comparable innovations. This allows you to review/analyze your personal product/invention as well as make any renovations.
  • Carrying out an online patent search by yourself lowers the expense when utilizing the complimentary search solutions accessible at the United States Patent as well as Trademark Office.
  • An advantage of carrying out an easy patent search is actually to calculate if your idea/invention is actually accessible to become copyrighted or even if a patent has already been accepted for the same idea/invention for somebody else.
  • Significant metropolitan areas in the U.S. have public libraries sustained due to the USPTO where you can easily utilize the information to hunt for licenses along with viewpoint microfilm and also possess accessibility to computer printouts of the patents on documents.

While there declare factors in performing an easy patent search, there are actually also disadvantages including:

  • Lot of times, those who execute their personal patent hunts stop working to locate other identical licenses that a qualified company would certainly possess situated.
  • The USPTO data source enables searches back to 1976. Patents released just before that date can be searched but the possibilities are limited.
  • Determine the group of patent you are making an effort to locate at the USPTO internet site. The three kinds are actually style, vegetation, as well as utility patents. Determining the kind relevant to your product/invention will create looking for similar patents a lot easier.
  • Choose why you are actually administering the search and which move toward to take. As an example, if you’re confirming relevant information, advanced as well as novelty hunts are worthwhile choices. For legal-based searches, a validity or even infringement hunt pertains.
  • Take Advantage Of the Advanced Search possibility, which allows you to conduct an even more thorough search and also enhances your possibilities for much better search engine result.
  • Carry out a number of searches utilizing a wide array of key words appropriate to your product/invention. Doing so increases your possibilities of protecting accurate search engine results page.


Q. What are the types of patents managed by the USPTO?

A. The United States Patent and Trademark Office handles three patent categories: plant patents, utility patents, and design patents. The plant patent is for new plants grown asexually by using a graft or with cuttings. Genetically engineered plants are not included under this patent. They are considered for utility patents. Design patents cover upgrades and enhancements to the appearance of an existing invention/product without changing the way it functions. The utility patent is the one requested most often. These patents are used to cover products/inventions that have been improved to function in a new or different way.

Q. Are there other options to search for patents?

A. Yes. Besides using the database at the USPTO, Google also has a patent search option that is fast and has information dating back to the first patent. Resources maintained by the USPTO are the Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries. This network of libraries covers patents from the first to the last issued. The libraries have a plethora of patent materials and reference librarians available to answer any questions.

Q. After filing my application for a patent, how long is the waiting period?

A. Once you file your patent, the waiting period can run from six to 18 months before a patent inspector reviews your application. The entire process of filing the application to receiving a patent can take anywhere from 16 to 36 months.

Q. Is a trademark the same as a patent?

A. No. A trademark is not the same thing as a patent. It is a word, symbol, or icon associated with a specific product or service.

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