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How to Play Minesweeper

This gncHow teaches you how to play minesweeper on a Windows computer. (how to download minesweeper Although Minesweeper no longer comes pre-installed on Windows computers, you can download and install the remastered variation from the Windows 10 Shop absolutely free.

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This gncHow teaches you how to play minesweeper on a Windows computer. (how to download minesweeper Although Minesweeper no longer comes pre-installed on Windows computers, you can download and install the remastered variation from the Windows 10 Shop absolutely free.

Learning Minesweeper Mechanics

Comprehend the principles behind Minesweeper. Each Minesweeper video game starts out with a grid of unmarked squares. After clicking among these squares, some of the squares will go away, some will certainly stay blank, and some will have numbers on them. It’s your work to use the numbers to figure out which of the empty squares have mines as well as which are safe to click.

  • Minesweeper is similar to a Sudoku puzzle in that your success is largely contingent on being able to eliminate possible answers until only one answer remains.

Utilize the computer mouse’s left and best switches. The computer mouse is the only device that you’ll require to play Minesweeper. The left mouse switch is used to click squares that do not have mines, while the best mouse button is made use of to flag squares which contain mines.

  • On greater difficulties, you’ll need to mark squares that you believe consist of mines till you can verify that they do consist of mines.

Don’t worry about your first click. The first square that you click will certainly never have a mine under it; [1] clicking a square will certainly clear off several of the board while numbering various other squares.

Know what the numbers suggest. A number on a square refers to the variety of mines that are currently touching that square. For instance, if there are two squares touching each other and also one of the squares has “1” on it, you understand that the square beside it has a mine beneath it.

How to Downloading Minesweeper

Open up Begin Image entitled Windowsstart.png. Click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Type store into Beginning. Doing so will browse your computer for the Shop application.

Open up the Picture labelled Microsoft Store application symbol v3.png Microsoft Shop. Click the Microsoft Shop search results page near the top of the Start home window.

Click the “Search” bar. It remains in the top-right edge of the Microsoft Store home window.

Search for Minesweeper. Type microsoft minesweeper into the “Browse” bar, after that wait for a drop-down menu to appear listed below bench.

Click Microsoft Minesweeper. It must be listed below the search bar in the drop-down menu.

Click Obtain. It’s a blue button below the “Microsoft Minesweeper” title. Doing so will set up Minesweeper on your computer system.

How to Playing Minesweeper

Open Minesweeper. Click Launch when triggered after Minesweeper finishes mounting, or open Begin Picture titled Windowsstart.png, enter minesweeper, and click the green Microsoft Minesweeper application.

Select a difficulty degree. In the upper-left side of the window, release your initial video game by clicking among the adhering to problem setups:

  • Easy 9×9 – A nine-by-nine grid with 10 mines.
  • Medium 16×16 – A sixteen-by-sixteen grid with 40 mines.
  • Expert 30×16 – A thirty-by-sixteen grid with 99 mines.
  • Custom – Set your own game parameters, including the grid size, number of mines, and so on.

Navigate the tutorial if you like. If this is your very first video game in Microsoft Minesweeper, you’ll be prompted to start a tutorial that will certainly assist you exercise the Minesweeper essentials.

  • If you do not want to play with the tutorial, click Miss on top of the window instead.

Click any type of square on the grid. Doing so will begin the Minesweeper game.

Testimonial the numbers. Any number on the board refers to the number of mines presently touching that number’s square.

Right-click any squares that you believe have mines. This will put a flag on the square. It’s ideal to start with squares that definitely have to have mines (e.g., a singular square next to a “1” on the board) to aid with the procedure of removal later.

  • Ensure that you do not flag extra squares than the variety of mines on the board.

Double-right-click any type of squares that are uncertain. Doing so will place an enigma over the square, indicating that you wish to leave the square alone up until you have actually eliminated other squares.
This is a safe technique for boards on which you’ve discovered almost 2 or 3 of the mines.

Click any type of squares that do not include mines. This will clear the squares concerned.

Clear the board. To win a round of Minesweeper, you have to click the board every square that does not have a mine under it. As soon as you’ve done so, the game will more than.

  • If you inadvertently click a square that has a mine below it, the video game will certainly be over. You’ll have the option of beginning a new game or redoing the one you just played.


  • The more you play Minesweeper, the more you will learn to recognize patterns that indicate a mine (or a lack of one).
  • If you see a pattern “121” along a straight line, then place a flag on the ones, and step on the number 2.


  • On Windows 7 or Vista, you’ll need to open Minesweeper from Start instead of downloading it from the Store.

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