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How to Shave Your Genitals (Male)

The idea of bringing a sharp razor anywhere close to your genital areas may be downright frightening. Nevertheless, cutting your genital areas can offer you a clean, sleek appearance “down there” as part of a bigger manscaping routine. Always begin by carefully cutting the location with electric grooming clippers. Then, soak in a cozy tub for a few mins, apply cutting cream, utilize a sharp razor, and get rid of the hair with smooth, also strokes. As well as don’t neglect to apply a relaxing aftershave when you’re done!

The idea of bringing a sharp razor anywhere close to your genital areas may be downright frightening. Nevertheless, cutting your genital areas can offer you a clean, sleek appearance “down there” as part of a bigger manscaping routine. Always begin by carefully cutting the location with electric grooming clippers. Then, soak in a cozy tub for a few mins, apply cutting cream, utilize a sharp razor, and get rid of the hair with smooth, also strokes. As well as don’t neglect to apply a relaxing aftershave when you’re done!

Trimming Pubic Hair before Cutting

Location the lowest guard setup on your electrical grooming clippers. It’s possible to use hair clippers below, but brushing clippers are smaller sized and much more manoeuvrable in such a sensitive location. When you use the lowest guard setup, the clippers must cut your hair to 0.125 in (3.2 mm) or less in size.

  • Never shave your pubic hair without cutting it initially– the crude, curly hairs will get caught in the razor and also be painfully pulled out!
  • If you just plan to trim (as well as not cut) your pubic hair, you can use a greater guard setup, if wanted.
    You could get rid of the guard completely for an even better trim, yet this enhances the possibilities of nicks, cuts, irritability, and also infection.

Slide the clippers via the hair bordering your genitals. Stand upright, hold the clippers in your dominant hand, and also utilize your other hand to navigate your penis and also scrotum out of the way as required. Puncture the pubic hair towards development– which is commonly downward over your penis, for example.

  • You can likewise use your freedom to pull your skin taut as you function– this might make trimming the hair easier.
  • You might find it simpler to work if you placed one leg each time on a chair, the commode cover, or the side of the tub.

Job thoroughly to cut any hair on your scrotum as well as penis. After you have actually brought down the pubic hair surrounding your genital areas, extremely gradually slide the clippers over the shaft of your penis (if essential) to cut any type of hairs there. Then, utilize your free hand to give clear accessibility to one area of your scrotum at a time, as well as very carefully trim the hair in those areas.

  • When cutting your scrotum, try to produce rather level, taut areas of skin with your free hand. Or else, it’s possible that your scrotum’s loosened skin might obtain captured in (as well as be cut by) the clipper blades– ouch!
  • You might discover it easier to trim the hair on an upright penis.

Utilize a comb and scissors if you do not have clippers. Beginning at the outer side of your pubic hair, slide the teeth of the comb right into a tiny section of hair. Work against the direction of hair development and also maintain the comb flat against your skin. Use sharp scissors to snip off the hair that extends above the teeth of the comb, then relocate onto one more area and continue.

  • Comply with the very same treatment to trim any kind of hair on your scrotum and penis.
  • Sharp scissors do a much better work below, however you have to be really mindful not to cut into the skin– doing so can quickly result in an infection.
  • Do not utilize this comb and scissors for anything else, and tidy them extensively with scrubing alcohol afterward. This minimizes the danger of spreading an STI or other infection.

Shaving the Trimmed Pubic Hair

Take in a warm bathtub for 5 minutes. The warm water will certainly soften your skin as well as hair, making it simpler for the blade of the razor to glide over your skin and cut off the specific hairs near the base. A cozy shower will certainly also assist, though taking in a bathtub offers the very best results.

  • Soaking for longer than 10 minutes may, sometimes, create your skin to puff up as well as make it harder to cut.
  • Take in the tub after you have cut your pubic hair with electrical brushing clippers.

Massage therapy cutting lotion right into your pubic hair. You can make use of a shaving cream or gel intended especially for body hair, or just rely on a typical shaving cream. Utilize your hands to work it right into the hair for 1-2 mins. Rubbing it in will further soften the hair as well as lube your skin.

  • You can additionally utilize a cutting cream applicator brush to work the cutting lotion in. Nonetheless, to decrease the risk of spreading out an STI or various other infection, do not make use of the very same brush on your face.

Cut around your genital areas with smooth, also strokes. Stand in the bathtub or one more place where you can prop up one leg at once to assist access your groin location. Hold a sharp, clean razor in your dominant hand, as well as utilize your liberty to position your genitals as needed to access the pubic hair that borders your penis as well as scrotum. Use even pressure to move the razor over the hair in the direction of hair development.

  • Rinse the razor in clean water after every 2-3 strokes, and make sure the blade is clear of hair as well as cutting lotion.
  • Using a boring razor indicates you have to use more stress, which is more probable to bring about cuts as well as irritation. Stick with a sharp, fresh razor. Likewise, do not utilize this razor on your face or any other location of your body.

Pull the skin taut for a more detailed shave, however beware of cuts as well as irritation. Using your liberty to draw the skin around your genitals tight will certainly cause less bristle and also a more detailed shave. Nonetheless, shaving this carefully likewise boosts the probability of skin irritability, nicks, as well as cuts. These, consequently, can lead to infections.

  • Close shaving on and around your genital areas might also enhance the possibilities of spreading STIs– you may, for instance, reduced open sores that you don’t even recognize you have.
  • Essentially, if you don’t mind having a little bit of a “5 o’clock shadow” in your groin location, do not try to shave as very closely as possible.

Cut your scrotum and penis really carefully as well as just if needed. These areas are very delicate as well as challenging to cut without creating nicks and cuts. If you do shave them, use your freedom to squash out small areas and also slide the razor over them with smooth, even strokes– use as little stress as required.

  • Unless you’re absolutely identified to be totally smooth “down there,” stick with just making use of the clippers to cut any kind of hair on your penis and also scrotum.

Rinse and completely dry the area, then include a calming cream or balm. When you have actually completed shaving, wash your groin area with a generous amount of tidy, cozy water. Then, rub it dry with a clean, soft towel. Afterwards, apply an alcohol-free, fragrance-free, gentle aftershave lotion or balm. Doing so will help reduce your chances of irritability or infection.

  • You can additionally attempt utilizing aloe vera or baby oil as aftershave. [14] If you do establish a rash or irritation, soak in a warm tub for 5-10 mins a minimum of once daily, pat the area dry, and also reapply your aftershave after each soak. If required, contact your doctor for recommendations on OTC topical therapies (like hydrocortisone lotions), or schedule a check out.
  • See your physician right now if you create a severe rash, exuding, hemorrhaging sores, and/or a fever.

Trying Various Other Alternatives

Use an OTC depilatory just if it’s provided for use on genitals. Depilatories use chemicals to basically liquify hair away, and not all types are safe to utilize on sensitive locations like your genitals. If the item is noted as safe for usage on genitals, apply the cream and rinse it away according to the product guidelines.

  • The depilatory may leave you with smoother skin than you can get by cutting, yet the hair will start to expand back within a comparable amount of time– generally a few days.
  • If you notice a good deal of redness or swelling, you might be allergic to the depilatory. Stop using it as well as call your medical professional.

Have the area expertly waxed for longer long-term results. Waxing rips out each hair root and all, suggesting it will certainly take longer for new hairs to appear in your groin area– maybe 1-2 weeks or even more. Nonetheless, shaving is mildly to reasonably painful, and it’s specifically tough to wax your own groin area in the house. Rather, most likely to a beauty salon that supplies waxing services for private areas of the body.

  • To reduce your danger of infection, make certain the beauty parlor uses fresh wax and also clean equipment for every client.

Count on laser hair elimination for also slower regrowth. Laser hair removal destroys private hair roots, which suggests you might have smooth skin for weeks or months afterward. However, laser treatments usually require multiple sessions (as much as 5) lasting approximately an hour, done at the office of a dermatologist or similar professional.

  • Although laser treatments function well for most individuals, they may prove inefficient in eliminating your pubic hair.
  • The procedure might be slightly painful, but likely much less so than waxing.
  • You might see some inflammation as well as swelling after each session. If needed, request for referrals on relaxing the area, perhaps by taking in the bathtub or using a relaxing balm or lotion.

Use electrolysis treatments to completely prevent hair growth. If you make sure you never ever want to have pubic hair once more, electrolysis might deserve your money and time. For this procedure, an expert utilizes a needle-like tool to damage the roots of each hair. It can use up to 25 sessions to complete the treatment, yet the origins will certainly be totally damaged as well as not regrow afterward.

  • You may experience mild pain throughout each session. You may additionally have momentary inflammation or irritation, which may need the application of a soothing balm or cream.
  • This is most likely to be the most expensive alternative, specifically given that it calls for numerous check outs to a dermatologist (or comparable expert) office.


  • If you plan on reusing the same blade, dry it completely after shaving. Allowing water to remain on your blade will promote corrosion and bacterial growth. Drying it will keep your blade sharp and clean for a long time. When it’s time to shave again, consider sterilizing the blade with a little rubbing alcohol and then rinsing with water before you begin.


  • Don’t do this because you think that your partner will enjoy it. If you want to shave your genitals, do so for yourself and not for others. You can ask your partner what their opinion might be because some people do not like hairless genitals and might even be turned off, but it is ultimately your decision where and when you shave.

  • Don’t have sexual intercourse immediately after shaving.

  • Don’t shave before exercising. Not only will the sweat irritate the area, but the friction from running or other movement will irritate the area as well.

  • If you get any cuts, avoid any sexual activity involving your genitals until the cuts are completely healed. If you or your partner have any sexually transmitted infections (STIs), they may be transmitted. Additionally, any kind of bacteria or virus (not just those associated with STIs) can infect the cuts. Even if you use a condom, it is likely to irritate the cuts, which can lead to scarring.

  • Watch for any painful bumps on your skin after shaving. This is probably an¬†ingrown hair. It is nothing to worry about, but should be examined by a doctor to prevent infection and to be sure it isn’t an STI.
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