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How to Use a Condom

Wearing a condom during sex can help prevent pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Whether you’re using a male or female condom, it’s important that you put it on properly or it won’t be as effective.

Wearing a prophylactic during sex can help protect against pregnancy and the spread of sexually transferred infections. Whether you’re utilizing a male or female condom, it is essential that you place it on properly or it won’t be as reliable.

Using a Male Condom

Store prophylactics safely. Condoms can come to be weak and also more probable to damage if you don’t keep them properly. Condoms that are revealed to warmth or light are more probable to tear.

  • Do not maintain prophylactics in your back pocket, pocketbook, or glovebox. If you assume you may obtain lucky, placed a couple in your pocketbook or vehicle right prior to you hit the community. Don’t leave them there for days or weeks.
  • Shop condoms in a trendy, completely dry place, far from straight sunshine.
  • Keep condoms in their wrappers till you prepare to use them.

Inspect the prophylactic bundle. Before you purchase prophylactics, examine the expiry day printed on package. You need to also check the day stamped on the wrapper prior to you utilize it. If it’s run out, throw it out. Never ever use a run out prophylactic. It can tear or fall short. 

  • Have a look at the wrapper for any indications of obvious splits or tears. If the package is torn or ripped, throw the condom out as well as utilize a brand-new one.
  • If the prophylactic is sticky, brittle, or looks blemished, toss it out and also make use of a new one. 

Place the prophylactic on before your penis touches your partner’s genital areas in all. Men create fluid known as pre-ejaculate (” pre-cum”) that can transfer STDs and also, in some cases, consists of sperm that can bring about maternity (though this is unlikely). Before you play, cover it up.

  • You must also place on a prophylactic before foreplay, anal sex, or oral-anal contact. You can get a Sexually Transmitted Disease from oral sex, so it is essential to still utilize a prophylactic for these tasks. A condom can be cut open to cover a lady’s vulva throughout oral sex or to cover the rectum throughout oral-anal contact.
  • You may likewise want to put on a prophylactic before mutual masturbation. This will certainly keep liquids from hopping on your hands that might conveniently be transferred to your companion’s genitals or mouth.
  • If you are utilizing a sex plaything, use a condom on the plaything too. The products used to make some of the playthings are not constantly risk-free to make use of in your body (like plastics including phthalates). It can be difficult to maintain toys tidy, meaning germs can develop, especially on toys constructed from porous materials.

Open the prophylactic wrapper utilizing the easy-tear edges. Push the prophylactic away from the edge you plan to tear, and also use the easy-tear edges. These are the zig-zag edges on either side of the wrapper that are developed to abuse swiftly and conveniently.

  • Don’t get carried away in your enthusiasm. Don’t shred open the foil, and also steer clear of from scissors, teeth, machetes, or any other sharp instrument to open up a condom wrapper, or you might tear the prophylactic itself! A split prophylactic won’t shield versus maternity or Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If it’s your last prophylactic and you ruin it, party’s over!

Determine which method the prophylactic is rolled. This can be challenging to do, specifically if you remain in the dark. Nonetheless, examining by view is the best way to determine which way the prophylactic is rolled, so you don’t run the risk of unfolding it too far or tearing it with your fingers. If the condom is right-side-out, there will be a lip or rim on the brink. If it’s inside-out, the edge will certainly be smooth. You can use your fingers to assist you: [6] Place the condom on your thumb, but do not unfold it. Let it balance there like a little hat.
Run your pointer finger down the side of the prophylactic, from the tip to the edge.
If your finger catches on the rim, it is right-side-out. If your finger slides smoothly off the edge, after that it is inside-out.
If the condom is inside out, hold the edge of the condom with the inside-out idea directing in the direction of your mouth. Blow on the pointer to invert it as well as turn it right-side-out.
Sign of things to come: don’t unroll the prophylactic, as unraveling it will certainly decrease the condom’s efficacy– and make it frustratingly difficult to put on.

Make certain the tank at the suggestion of the condom is pointing in the ideal direction. This storage tank must already be on the outer tip of the condom, but it can in some cases become inverted throughout product packaging. Make certain the storage tank is oriented so that the rest of the prophylactic rolls away from it.

Lube it up. Take into consideration positioning a small decrease of water-based lubricating substance inside the reservoir. This can make the condom simpler to use, especially if you are uncircumcised. Ensure this is a really little decline, as you don’t want to compete with the sperm for area inside the storage tank suggestion.

  • Do not apply cream, infant oil, petroleum jelly, or oil-based lube, as it will degrade as well as deteriorate the latex. 

See to it the penis is fully put up. A prophylactic must constantly fit snugly over a penis, leaving no limited or droopy places. If rolled over a penis that is not yet fully put up, it will fit awkwardly as well as be most likely to diminish or tear throughout sex.

  • The prophylactic needs to go from the bundle to your genital areas reasonably promptly. Do not unpack the prophylactic till you are totally set up and also prepared to utilize it. Never try to reuse a prophylactic.

Pinch the whole tank at the idea of the condom shut. This removes the opportunity of creating an air pocket inside the condom when it is put on, minimizing the opportunity of breakage and offering the sperm with a place to go during ejaculation. 

Roll the condom on. The condom must quickly spread out down the size of the shaft. If it turns out that you are trying to place the prophylactic on backwards, toss it away as well as begin again. An erect penis generates liquid prior to climaxing (called “pre-cum”) that can include sperm. If a condom has been revealed to this fluid, turning it over and also re-applying it might cause pregnancy and/or the transmission of a Sexually Transmitted Disease. To use the condom, comply with these steps:

  • Pinching the storage tank shut with one hand, place the condom against the pointer of the upright penis. With your various other hand, press your pubic hair out of the way if required.
  • After that, carefully roll the prophylactic down the entire shaft of the penis, raveling any air bubbles that may appear.
  • Follow these same steps for placing a condom on a sex plaything.

Smooth lubricating substance over the condom if essential. Sex-related lubrication reduces the danger of damage to not only the prophylactic, however also lowers rubbing and increases enjoyment for those having sex. Some lubricants even include spermicides that can help reduce the threat of pregnancy. However, spermicides can boost the risk of sending a Sexually Transmitted Disease. If your condom isn’t already lubed, use it to both the condom and the various other companion, especially if you are taking part in anal sex.

  • Do not over-apply lube, as excessive may create the condom to fall off and friction is necessary for stimulation.
    Once more, never apply an oil- or petroleum-based lubricant to a latex prophylactic, as these can trigger it to weaken.
  • Water- and also silicon-based lubricants are both safe to utilize with latex, yet water-based lube washes off more conveniently as well as will not stain your sheets.

Inspect the prophylactic occasionally during use for breaks. If a condom breaks or comes off during sex, change it promptly as well as take into consideration utilizing emergency situation birth control such as the emergency contraception tablet.

  • An emergency birth control pill (sometimes called the morning-after pill) protects against pregnancy prior to it occurs by delaying ovulation or obstructing fertilization; it is not an “abortion pill.”

Change the prophylactic if alternating in between different sorts of sex. If switching over from rectal to vaginal sex, for example, switch prophylactics to reduce the threat of infection. For example, e. coli from the anus can cause bladder infections or a severe vaginal infection. If the penis goes from anus to mouth, that can cause a severe infection in the belly.

  • You should also change the condom if you are utilizing it on a sex toy that you’re sharing between partners. Basically, if the condom has your fluids in or on it, change it out prior to sharing. 

Take out the penis and also remove the condom instantly after climaxing. Comprehend all-time low of the prophylactic with your hand and also withdraw, preventing the prophylactic from slipping off or spilling. Do not allow the penis to go flaccid within the condom prior to withdrawal, as this can cause the condom to diminish and remain inside the companion. 

Dispose of the prophylactic quietly. Tie the open end in a knot to stop splilling, cover it in bathroom tissue or cells, and also toss it in a trash can.
Don’t flush condoms down the commode. A lot of septic systems can’t manage them, and they might clog up the commode. 

Using a Female Condom

Examine the condom package. Prior to purchasing, inspect the expiry day on the bundle. Then, prior to usage, make sure you additionally inspect the expiry day published on the prophylactic wrapper. If it’s run out, throw it out. Never ever use an expired prophylactic. It could tear or fail. [20] Check out the wrapper for any kind of indicators of apparent holes or tears. If the package is torn or torn, toss the prophylactic out and make use of a new one.

Insert the condom before genital or anal sex. Female condoms are polyurethane or nitrile bags with flexible rings at each end that you put into the vaginal area or anus. They collect pre-cum as well as semen, preventing pregnancy and lowering the transmission of STDs.

  • Female prophylactics don’t safeguard ladies during oral sex. For that, you will need to make use of a dental dam, or a condom that is cut open.
  • Do not utilize a women condom and also a male condom at the same time. It does not provide twice the defense– as a matter of fact, it can trigger breakage in either or both prophylactics. 

Open up the prophylactic wrapper using the easy-tear edges. These are the zig-zag edges on either side of the wrapper that are developed to abuse swiftly and also easily. [23] Don’t obtain carried away in your interest. Do not shred open the plan, as well as stay away from scissors, teeth, machetes, or any other sharp tool to open a prophylactic wrapper, or you might tear the prophylactic itself! A broken prophylactic won’t safeguard versus maternity or STDs.

  • Female condoms are much more costly than male prophylactics, at about $4 apiece. 

Enter a comfy placement. Many women locate it very easy to stand with a foot on a chair, lie down, squat, or increase one leg up.

  • You’ll learn what works best for you with a little practice.

Press the inner ring at the closed end of the condom. Female condoms have a versatile ring at each end. One end will certainly be closed, a whole lot like a male condom. Pinch the ring at the shut end of the condom with your thumb as well as middle finger so it tightens. The open end must be suspending. 

Place the internal ring right into the vaginal canal. If you’ve utilized tampons before, this is the same process. Squeezing the ring to keep it slim, place the closed end of the prophylactic as far as it will certainly go. Insert your index finger right into the prophylactic and also press it gently right into your vaginal area. Be extremely careful if you have lengthy nails– tearing the prophylactic will certainly make it inadequate.

  • You ought to feel it satisfy resistance eventually. That’s an indication you’ve reached your cervix.
  • Make certain the condom is not turned inside your vaginal area.

Take out your fingers. If you’ve inserted the condom correctly, the external ring needs to be hanging about an inch outside your vaginal canal.

  • It is possible to use the exact same approach to put a female prophylactic into your rectum for anal sex;  nevertheless, the simplest means is to eliminate the inner ring and also area the women prophylactic on the penis (or sex toy). The penis is then inserted right into the rectum.

Apply water-based lubricant to the penis or sex plaything. Regardless of what’s going into your vaginal canal (or rectum), including some lubricant will help in reducing friction. This makes it less most likely for the prophylactic to tear.

  • Due to the fact that female condoms are made from polyurethane or nitrile (an artificial latex) [36] and also not latex, it is risk-free to make use of oil-based, water-based, or silicon-based lube with a women condom.

Guide the penis or sex plaything inside you. It is very important to utilize your hand to direct the penis or sex plaything inside you to make sure that it doesn’t wind up sliding outside the prophylactic bag. 

Stop instantly if something goes wrong. You need to quit having sex right away, get rid of the condom, as well as place a new women prophylactic if any one of these points take place:

  • The condom slips
  • The penis or sex toy enters your vagina (or anus) outside the condom pouch during sex
  • The outer ring of the condom enters the vagina
  • You may wish to consider using emergency contraception (the morning-after pill) if your partner has ejaculated inside your vagina, on the vaginal opening, or if semen drips from the anus onto the vaginal opening.

Eliminate the condom gradually. Press the external ring closed with 2 fingers. Delicately glide the condom out of your vaginal area or anus. Don’t pull or pull on it, as this can damage the prophylactic. 

Dispose of the condom discreetly. Tie the open end in a knot to prevent spillage. Wrap it in bathroom tissue or tissue, as well as toss it in a wastebasket.

  • Don’t flush prophylactics down the toilet. A lot of septic tanks can’t handle them, as well as they might block the bathroom.
  • Do not reuse women condoms. Sure, they’re pricey– however unexpected pregnancy or a Sexually Transmitted Disease expenses way extra.


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